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We subscribe to the real Alaska political system: please come visit us, spend tons of money, catch some fish, go home and remember to send us millions in lower 48 taxes. We, in turn,  promise to milk every possible dollar we can from you and your descendants for every drop of oil we can. With legendary Alaska resilience and fortitude, not to mention elected for life and seniority entrenched politicians we plan to do the same with our vast supplies of natural gas. This will insure our natural birthright of no state income or sales taxes and help promote Global Warming creating for you comfortable winter time fishing, hunting and vacationing. You will still be required to bring a flashlight.            -

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Warning Construction Zone! is undergoing a complete reconstruction. Some of the old style pages may not work exactly right. When all pages have the new menu system in place New Construction and Reorganization will take place. Sounds like a Warning from the Vorgon Construction Union, don’t it?

       May 23, 2006